4055 days ago:
4056 days ago:
War echt lässig .
An schönen Tag beinand , da
4088 days ago:
Frankys Rockclub .
Mit am start die Raygun Rebels und Lagerlourz.
An schena ;)]]>
4138 days ago:


Band des Jahres 2012
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Die Trying Die Trying
Release date:2010-05-01
Number of tracks:11
Track 5: Black Widow
There in the shadow of the door jamb // watching the crowd // she's so tender on the surface // but awesome and proud // and the lightness of the day // drowns in her tears // her beautiful tears // stuck in her trap, her unbending web // she's a teaser // you've swallowed her bait and now it's too late // she's a // creatures of the night crawl in her home // oddly mundane // like the places they're from // lost and inane // when she takes them by the hand // to drown in her tears // lost in her tears // she's like a huge black widow in pursuit of her prey // a spawn of the night and loathing the daylight // out for the pain that others go through // so many perished in vain - because of you // she never gives her precious time away // devil may care // you've got a hundred things to say // under her stare // when she takes you by the hand // to drown in her tears // lost in her tears // she's ruthless, a siren // will she ever let you go?

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