4055 days ago:
4056 days ago:
War echt lässig .
An schönen Tag beinand , da
4088 days ago:
Frankys Rockclub .
Mit am start die Raygun Rebels und Lagerlourz.
An schena ;)]]>
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Band des Jahres 2012
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Die Trying Die Trying
Release date:2010-05-01
Number of tracks:11
Track 8: Shoot Them Up
God, what a mess, was that you, it bears your mark, you know // how to kill, he's cool, the police are stuck and so // he gets away with the deed, I saw it on the news // it's the thrill he needs, he's on the loose // I've got to pull the trigger every time I see your fucking face // I want to abuse you, reduce you to naught // my loathing's growing bigger 'n' now I'm pretty stunned by your disgrace // I want to abuse you // shoot them up (reload) // don't stop (rack the slide) // shoot them up (hit the road) // don't stop (pick a fight) // torn by the call of desire he always walks the edge // those who play with the fire are arduous to catch // he's the lord of his art, a master of control // just a face in the crowd, he watched it all // I've got to pull the trigger every time I see your fucking face // yeah, buddy, bring it on, get your gun and shoot them up // but remember: one at a time // no, no, relax, just keep on walking on // shut the fuck up // I mean...you know...it's just that...I...ok, let's do it // shoot them up (one) // you never stop (two) // shoot them up (three) // you never stop (four) // steady your weight, clear your mind and focus // unleash the monster that calls your name // many grow tired in the heat of August // a madman's lust cannot be tamed // this is the sound - boom, boom // the almighty Count of Doom

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