4151 days ago:
4152 days ago:
War echt lässig .
An schönen Tag beinand , da
4184 days ago:
Frankys Rockclub .
Mit am start die Raygun Rebels und Lagerlourz.
An schena ;)]]>
4234 days ago:


Band des Jahres 2012
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Die Trying Die Trying
Release date:2010-05-01
Number of tracks:11
Track 3: High5
Hey, girl, beautiful legs // and what time and what time do they open // Hey, girl, fancy a shag // now that the ice is broken // hey, trust in love at first sight // or should I walk, should I walk, walk past you again // hey, if I was furry and white // would you keep me then // life is a playground for me // we get along easily // where all hopes are crushed in two // bring it on // life is a playground for me // I define my own boundaries // we can't be told not to // not to say: fuck you // get up, get the sound // hey girl, 's that a glass in your pants // coz I swear, yes I swear, I see myself in them // hey, I'm the lord of romance // what do you say // hey girl, gimme a smile // it's the second best thing your lips could do to me // hey girl, I fancy your style // let's do some chemistry // he had some shiny toys, yet he always wanted more // his ass had gone to jail entire seven times before // conscience-proof and proud he's up to every trick // go and try to sell him out, you're gonna get your ass kicked // get up, get the sound

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